New Album Out Now: Halos


The 7th full-length album from Mortem Obire is available for streaming and download on Bandcamp:

It’s also on Youtube:

This is another of Mortem Obire’s trademark experimental drone/ambient albums. It contains over an hour of hypnotic and fascinating music, distilled into three lengthy tracks. Lose yourself in the spellbinding sounds of drone music.

Released 10 May 2017.


Next Album: Halos



  1. Ascension
  2. Halcyon Voyage
  3. The Hypnagogic Host

Total playing time: approximately 54 minutes.

Release date: 9 May 2017

The HALOS album has been a year in the making, so it’s exciting to create this post. The original concept dates back to 2015, and recording took place in 2016. Unfortunately, I wasn’t satisfied with the first few versions of the album. I re-recorded and re-adjusted a lot of things before HALOS was considered “finished.” But finished it is. This full-length album is another slab of experimental drone metal with ambient influences.

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I’ll be heading back to the studio this year to begin another drone metal album — something heavier and darker than HALOS.

Lux: Album review by FlightOfIcarus


While my last drone outing took us to the most isolated reaches of space, Lux evokes visions of obsidian and magma. The hum of distant distortion and rumbling bass are a cross between jet engines inside a hangar and calls from a demonic void. Or maybe just Hypnotoad.

[…]this was a very positive listening experience for me. The songs are long and, well…drony, but the way in which the sounds are implemented along with the sparing use of strings and drums elevated this into something I found to be quite worthwhile.

Read the full review on MetalTrenches: (archived)

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Two Things: a Compilation and a Review


Mortem Obire has contributed a drone-like dark ambient song to a compilation album. It’s track 2 of 7. Released by the Network Of Individualized Sonic Extremism on the 23rd of October:


There’s another good review of Lux, this time posted on Bandcamp.

If you are of the opinion that Sunn0))) is the epitome of heavy ambient drone, you need to give this album a spin. 
With ‘Lux’, Mortem Obire creates a a suffocating wall of sub-sonic frequencies that will crack your bones and loosen your teeth. 
Surrender now, and meet your new masters.

Christopher Alfano

Lux: Album review by Ninehertz


“Drone of the most doom-like quality, this is reverb central and has that lashing, punishing feel early Sunn 0))) albums had. You know the one, the will-they, won’t-they crush the riff now factor, the vibration-centric wall of sound that you only get with guitars. But wait, there’s more on hand here than you’d first imagine. Subtle string arrangements, mournful and deep plague the drone landscape like wraiths, and big crashes roll in and out now and again to create a mesmeric effect. The three movements recorded here are long and daunting, but having spent an hour with them, you feel refreshed and uplifted, not unlike braving a dark and powerful storm.”

Read the full review on Ninehertz: (archived)

Stream the album on Bandcamp: